Benefits of Extremity Adjustments

Most people think that chiropractic medicine only focuses on adjustments to the neck and back. But the truth is that chiropractors can perform manipulation to all joints in your body. As a matter of fact, extremity adjustments are among the top three reasons why patients seek this drug-free treatment. Your chiropractor can perform adjustments to your arm (upper extremity), including the fingers, wrist, elbow, and shoulder. Similarly, your leg (lower extremity) can also be adjusted at the toes, ankle, knee, and hips. Do you have joint pain in any of these areas? Here are the benefits of seeing your chiropractor for extremity adjustments:


  • It Improves Body Mechanics. Extremity adjustments involve the manipulation of joints in your body to restore and promote their smooth movement. Once achieved, they help your body mechanics, which refer to how you move as you go about your day. It includes how you hold your body as you stand, sit, lift, bend, carry, and sleep. When you don't move correctly and safely, you subject your spine to abnormal stresses. These can eventually result in an increased risk of injury, the degeneration of your spinal discs and joints, and unnecessary wear and tear. 


  • It Reduces Referred Pain. Referred pain refers to pain in a part of your body that doesn't seem to have any connection to the problem. It's when you feel pain in an area other than its actual source. A typical example of this is brain freeze. This occurs when the rapid cooling and rewarming of the blood vessels in your sinuses cause the nerves in your throat and palate to transmit pain signals to the front part of your head. Chiropractors are trained to determine the paths the nerves take. That's why they know how best to release the pressure on these nerves. So, while you may be complaining about pain in your elbow, a misaligned shoulder may be the true culprit. Adjusting the source promotes nerve flow, which eases the discomfort, whether it's referred pain or not. 


  • It Helps You Stay Active. People who lead a more active lifestyle will find extremity adjustments beneficial. Are you a professional athlete or a sports enthusiast? If so, you likely know how an ankle that's been out of place can affect your whole body. You must be aware of how this can be a potentially dangerous situation. If a body part like your ankle is weaker than the other areas of your body, putting a strain on that sore spot can result in some nasty injuries. Seeking the help of a chiropractor can keep your spine and all of your extremities well-aligned. This is crucial so you can work at peak performance. There will be countless times when you have to make sudden movements. If the nerves in your body responsible for the motion are blocked due to some misalignment, it can drastically alter your movement. 


Have you been suffering from pain in your upper or lower extremities? Maybe you lost your range of motion in these areas. At East Bank Wellness, we can help restore the function of your arms and legs. Call our office today in Chicago, Illinois, at (312) 832-9700 to schedule your consultation. 

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