Benefits of Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care holds many benefits for children. A visit to a chiropractor helps with colic, tummy, and sleep issues. 

Here are the benefits to expect from your pediatric chiropractic visit:

It Aids With Post-Birth Recovery


Chiropractic manipulation on the baby’s body eases strain and tension. It also corrects any nerve problems the baby could have developed during birth. The birth process traumatizes both the baby and the mother. As the baby pushes out, the tagging may affect the spine, injuring some nerves. The push-and-pull happens even in C-section births.

Babies heal on their own, but sometimes, chiropractic intervention is critical. The gentle spinal manipulation corrects any nerve dysfunction, hastening healing, and recovery. Babies also get relief from reflux, colic symptoms, sleeping, and breathing difficulties.


It Corrects a Misaligned Vertebra


Birth ushers the baby into a free environment, away from the cramped space in the womb. Before delivery, the baby will have grown large enough to fill the womb space. The small room is not comfortable, and the birthing process introduces more stress. Some infants end up having a misaligned vertebra that may lead to many issues. Chiropractic care is a quick and convenient way to fix it. The chiropractor gently presses on the misaligned joints or spine to ease the tension. The procedure may be done right after birth, or some weeks later.

The Child Sleeps Better


Sleep is critical to a child’s development. The better a child sleeps, the quicker the child’s growth. Parenting also becomes easier. Chiropractic care for better sleep is suitable for children of all ages, not only infants and toddlers.

Often, misalignment on the spine tightens the musculoskeletal system’s muscles, bringing tension or pain to the back. Spinal misalignment may also encourage bed-wetting. Bed-wetting interrupts sleep and is an issue of concern, especially for older kids. Chiropractic care reduces nerve interference. This makes sleeping more comfortable and more relaxing.


It Helps Prevent and Treat Ear Infections


Ear infections are common among infants due to fluid buildup in the Eustachian tubes. The buildup creates pressure in the ear, causing pain and risking infection. Some ear infections are a result of nerve injury during birth. Chiropractic manipulation dilates the Eustachian tubes’ muscles and unblocks it, making draining easier. Once the tubes drain, the pressure eases, pain ceases, and proper functioning resumes. In cases like these, chiropractic treatment goes along with pharmacological intervention. It also ensures that the tube remains unblocked, reducing the chances of reinfection.


It Improves Behavior


Sometimes, children are fussy, and it is not always easy to determine the reason behind it. Children become irritable, and behavior deteriorates. Illnesses can also cause their behavior to change. But, once the doctor has ruled out infection, an alternative treatment method may help. Chiropractic care improves behavior by correcting mechanical restrictions that stress children. Stress has both emotional and physical effects on children. Since they may not know how to cope, they exhibit stress through negative behavior. The child could be dealing with muscle spasms, headaches, sleeping difficulties, or nervousness. Alleviating this stress makes the children happier and be more at ease, negating the need to act out. Chiropractic care improves the child’s moods, allowing for significant behavioral improvements.


Chiropractic care could benefit your child in many significant ways. For a session with a chiropractor, visit East Bank Wellness in Chicago, Illinois. You can also call 312-832-9700 to book your appointment.

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