What Is Trigger Point Therapy Used For

The American Chiropractic Association recognizes trigger point therapy as a type of manual treatment that concentrates on determining and letting out trigger points. These points are spots in your skeletal muscle. Upon compression, they generate pain. Trigger points usually result in muscle fiber trauma. Trigger point therapy can relieve this pain. If you want to find out the uses of trigger point therapy, here’s what you should know.


Treatment of Headaches


Recent studies show that TrPs (trigger points) in your shoulder, head, and neck muscles are partly responsible for tension headaches. These trigger points are also called spreading or referred pain. Experts also believe that chronic pain from these trigger points can make the central nervous system more susceptible to pain. This can turn episodic tension headaches into chronic tension headaches. Your chiropractor can release the trigger points through chiropractic massage.


Treatment of Temporomandibular Pain


If you have temporomandibular pain, the chiropractor can give you effective jaw muscle manipulation. The pain you are experiencing is from the muscle knots or hyper-tense muscles in the masseter muscle. Overuse of this muscle can cause it to tense up and swell. Your chiropractor will start by relaxing the muscle. Then, your chiropractor will press a finger into the tense tissue to locate and press the trigger points. The kneading motion will help loosen the muscle fibers.


Treatment of Low Back Pain


Referred pain is radiating pain. It is aching, dull, or sharp whenever there is pressure on the trigger point. Trigger points can also result in weakness, numbness, and false cardiac pain. To treat your low back pain, your chiropractor must first locate the trigger point that is causing your pain. Then, your chiropractor will perform a series of ischemic compressions. Your therapist may use a tennis ball for this. Your chiropractor will keep doing this until the pain goes away.

The problem may also be nutritional. With a complete blood chemistry test, your chiropractor will see what nutrients may be lacking or excessive. There should be a correct balance in your nutrition to help alleviate the pain. Of course, drinking more water and getting more quality sleep will also aid in correcting your lower back pain.


Treatment of Heel Pain


Active TrPs in your legs and at the bottom of your feet usually cause heel pain. This type of pain can result from plantar fasciitis. Your chiropractor can treat your heel pain with a hot/cold massage ball. Dry needling into the muscle belly can also lower the tension and relax the muscle fibers. Your chiropractor can also recommend using a foot rocker every day. This stretches the muscles in your calf.


Trigger point therapy can treat many acute and chronic pain disorders. At East Bank Wellness, we work with our patients in relieving their discomfort after a thorough assessment. We provide therapeutic massage, dietary change, and lifestyle modifications to help our patients get the relief that they need. Visit us at our clinic in Chicago, Illinois, for a consultation. Also, you can call us at 312-832-9700 to schedule an appointment or ask questions about our trigger point therapy packages.





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