Massage & Acupuncture Specialist

The doctors at East Bank Chiropractic work with their massage therapists to use several different modalities, including massage therapy and acupuncture, to treat various health conditions and injuries. The facility serves the residents of River North and downtown Chicago, IL, as well as other communities in the area.

Massage & Acupuncture

What Is the Difference Between Relaxation Massage vs. Clinical Massage?

There are two basic types of massage therapy. The first type of massage is used to relax and revitalize the body and mind. While it still improves circulation, flushes away toxins and manipulates the soft tissues, it does not address particular health issues. Clinical massage, on the other hand, goes directly to the cause of the problem, working out tension and stress that can result in chronic pain. Also known as “medical massage,” clinical forms of massage normally go deep into the muscle tissue to break up deposits of toxins and by-products that get lodged in the muscles. It is also used to help rejuvenate and strengthen muscle tissue that has been injured or damaged.

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a centuries-old technique used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Hair-thin, golden needles are inserted into the skin along specific meridians throughout the body. The use of the needles is an attempt to remove or break up blockages of chi that may occur along the body’s meridians. “Chi” is the life force of the body that flows along the meridians and helps to keep the body in balance. If a blockage occurs, illness, pain, and discomfort are the result. Acupuncture can be used to manage pain, reduce inflammation, relieve the discomfort of numbness and pain associated with neuropathy, and allow a person to fall asleep more efficiently.

What Conditions Will Massage and Acupuncture Treat?

Massage therapy and acupuncture can treat many different health conditions. They are both extremely effective when it comes to the management of chronic pain and reducing inflammation. Chi and massage therapy work in essentially the same way in removing blockages throughout the body. While massage therapy removes the physical blockages that affect the soft tissues and the manner in which the blood flows through them, acupuncture removes blockages that affect the body’s “energy” or chi. Allowing both to move unimpeded throughout the body hastens healing and allows the body to recover using its own vital resources.

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