Massage & Acupuncture Specialist

Massage & Acupuncture Specialist


Massage & Acupuncture in River North and Chicago

It might come as a surprise that your chiropractor practices massage therapy. You might even be more astounded to learn they do acupuncture. But these two healing methods have a long-standing place in holistic medicine, and they are vital pathways to pain relief. A chiropractor does so much more than adjustments. Massage and acupuncture target soft tissue and great tools to realign your body.

Clinical Massage Therapy for Pain Relief

When most think of massage, they get images of a nice, relaxing rub in a room full of scented candles. While this massage has its place, it's not the same as clinical massage. Outside of stress relief and increased circulation, clinical massage directly targets tensions and adhesion. Your chiropractor and massage therapist will go deep into the muscle tissue, working through knots to break up toxins and other deposits. As such, your muscles return to smooth, regular function, rather than consistently tugging against connective tissue and bone. With greater freedom of mobility, you'll not only feel instant relief, but you'll leave rejuvenated and stronger.

What Is Acupuncture?

Your body is made up of complex, inter-working systems, and acupuncture works to keep everything flowing smoothly. Based on traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture employs tiny needles to stimulate specific points along to circuits. According to eastern medicine, your "chi" is your body's life force, keeping everything in balance, including your nerves, circulation, and musculoskeletal structure. Acupuncture uses the needles to stop blockages of chi and restore function. The right application of acupuncture can relieve inflammation, dispel pain, improve sleep quality, and more.

Conditions Treated

Both treatment modalities are incredibly effective pain management tools. That's why we offer them in concert with our other chiropractic care. They can also be used to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, relieve stress, and improve overall vitality. You might be surprised at how many blockages build up over a lifetime of stress. Just dealing with the day-to-day can disrupt our chi and energy flow. Use acupuncture and massage to realign your body, and get back to living your best life.

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