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The doctors and staff of East Bank Chiropractic serve the residents of the downtown Chicago, IL, area as well as many nearby cities and towns. As board-certified physicians, the doctors assist their patients in all areas of healthcare, including, but not limited to, nutrition and dietary counseling.


How Does Nutrition Affect a Person’s Health?

Nutrition is just as important as exercising, a good night’s rest, and a positive outlook. A person’s diet provides the body with the nutrition it needs to function, which includes vitamins, minerals, fats, fiber, protein and carbohydrates. The human body needs a specific amount of each component to remain healthy and free of disease. Just as the cells need oxygen, they must also have the fuel that is supplied by the nutrients and calories received through the diet. Additional nutrients provided by supplements can help to boost the immune system and protect the person from chronic or acute illnesses. Supplements also offer nutritional support during a healing crisis.

When Are Supplements Needed?

Chiropractors will often help coach their patients when they attempt to lose weight or take on new, healthier lifestyle changes. One way to make sure the changes bring about the right effect is to add nutritional supplements to ensure the person gets the recommended daily allowances of each vitamin and mineral. Supplements can be used to help a body regain strength after an injury or to help provide daily nutrients if the person is trying to lose weight. Prenatal supplements are also recommended for women who are pregnant or who have just delivered a baby and are breastfeeding.

Why Is It Important to Address Food Sensitivities?

Food sensitivities can indicate a wide array of health issues. Addressing food sensitivities can help doctors uncover the cause of unexplained symptoms, such as abnormal abdominal pain, constant diarrhea, constipation, headaches and skin rashes. Doctors can perform tests to determine which foods a person may be allergic or extremely sensitive to. Once the doctor identifies the cause of the symptoms and the foods they are associated with, they can help the patient make dietary changes to help keep them from eating those foods. Supplements can be used to help compensate for the loss of nutrients that might result from the elimination of certain foods from the diet.

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