Pediatric Chiropractic Care

As pediatric chiropractic care specialists, we offer a range of therapeutic options that can deal with conditions that affect infants and young kids. While most kids do not suffer from back pain, a lot are dealing with ailments that are just beginning. This is the best time to stop these problems from ever taking root and creating complications later on. The first traumatic event that kids go through is of course their birth. A long, complicated and traumatic birthing process that involves neck, spine and shoulder decompression, pulling on the head of the baby, delayed birth and other conditions can result in a compromised skeletal and nervous system. On top of that, repeated falls while learning to walk, sitting for a number of hours, immobilized while strapped on car seats along with endless bumps and injuries are pretty common in early childhood life. This can create an environment that is ripe for the development of major spinal misalignment and nervous system dysfunctions. Your child may look well or not be in any pain but we can provide you with a careful evaluation to ensure he begins life with the best advantages.

The Best Start in Life

Based on current research, around 80% of natural births feature some injury to the upper neck of the infant. This is why our pediatric chiropractic care specialists here at East Bank Wellness believe that it’s crucial to have your child checked at the quickest possible time. This puts your children in the best position to avoid common issues as they grow older. Our pediatric chiropractic care program here at East Bank Wellness is a painless, non-invasive approach for providing spinal analysis for kids of any age. The testing and treatment is carried out to ensure our “little rays of sunshine” are free of any spinal misalignments that can cause an adverse effect on their growth and development. Just so you know, pediatric chiropractic care is a completely safe approach and our adjustments are carried out with such gentleness and care. We use special chiropractic methods to safely and painlessly align your child’s body. Our East Bank Wellness team will work closely with you and your child so that you get a complete understanding of all the evaluations and treatment recommendations. We want you to be comfortable with our pediatric chiropractic care treatments which are all based on natural healing methods. Our objective is to optimize nervous system functioning, eliminate irritation and encourage the body’s own natural healing abilities. We are confident that our pediatric chiropractic care program at East Bank Wellness can help your child have the best start in life.

Pediatric Chiropractic Care for Infants

When it comes to spinal trauma, newborns are the most susceptible to this kind of injury. The traumatic birthing process can start a negative pattern of spinal misalignments that result in typical symptoms seen in this age group like: colic, inability to thrive, feeding problems, incessant crying, sleep issues and not being able to breast-feed. Interventions that cause problems for infants are: breech presentation, delivery by Caesarean section, forceps delivery, and prolonged time in the birth canal, tugging and pulling on the sensitive and fragile neck of the infant during birth, suction devices used on the crown of the delicate head of the baby.

Our pediatric chiropractic care is very gentle for this early life stage and is designed to help treat and prevent disorders on the child’s nervous and immune system. Birth trauma, incorrectly carrying an infant and too much time sitting in car seats can lead to spinal misalignments resulting in the child to become hypersensitive or irritable. Babies with untreated spinal misalignments can suffer from colic, reflux, ear pain, latching issues during feeding and excessive crying for no apparent reason. Let our gentle and safe pediatric chiropractic care approach restore the proper alignment of the infant spine so it can correctly support the healthy development of the nervous system and thereby reduce if not completely eliminate common issues like colic and other problems frequently seen in this age group.

Pediatric Chiropractic Care for Toddlers and Young Kids

It is a fact that many young kids suffer from frequent sinus and ear infections. More often than not, these are merely dismissed as “common” and “natural” parts of childhood. Truth is, the misalignment of the cervical spine can have an adverse effect on lymphatic drainage, resulting in fluid collection in the middle ear. In the early phases of growth and development, children can suffer from frequent bumps and falls that can result in many spinal problems. Your children encounter frequent falls as they learn to walk which creates trauma to their spine and joints. As they learn to walk they also often experience frequent bumps to the head that can result in spinal subluxations. While these are often dismissed as normal harmless everyday events, if left untreated they can cause serious issues later on. Our pediatric chiropractic care here at East Bank Wellness can check if your kids are achieving optimal development as they pass through the different milestones like turning over, sitting, crawling, walking and running. We can correct any spinal subluxation to restore optimum growth and development for your child. Through our interventions your child will suffer from less sinus infections, earaches and stomach issues. By ensuring proper alignment of the spine we can also prevent hyperactivity, learning difficulties and poor social development.

Pediatric Chiropractic Care for Adolescents

The adolescent years in a child’s life is probably the most tumultuous as they undergo enormous changes physically, emotionally and psychologically. Adolescents are also very prone to spinal subluxation due to increased physical activity such as involvement in athletics. Repetitive motions seen in sports like baseball, basketball, tennis, football, swimming and more can result in physical injuries. Pediatric chiropractic care at this sensitive stage is beneficial to your child especially for development and maintenance of correct posture and optimal nervous system balance. Kids under our pediatric chiropractic care program recover faster from physical trauma and see an enhancement of their athletic performance as well.

Many parents choose East Bank Wellness because they know our pediatric chiropractic care program works. We are committed to the promotion and maintenance of whole body health via gentle hands-on adjustments. Our objective is not merely to get rid of the symptoms but more importantly also address the root cause why your child is experiencing discomfort and pain. Let East Bank Wellness help your child get the best start in life. Call us today.

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