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Patients that suffer from chronic problems that affect the back will require comprehensive spinal rehabilitation that includes a number of treatment options. Patients such as these, experience a variety of symptoms that include pain on movement, muscle spasms, breathing problems, neuropathy, weakness and bowel and bladder issues. At East Bank Wellness our experienced chiropractors can offer excellent spinal rehabilitation through professional chiropractic care, rehabilitation exercises, massage and education to help restore the patient’s normal spinal functions.

The Best Solution to Back and Neck Pains

The back is composed of a structured system of bones, ligaments, muscles, nerves and joints that work in collusion with one another in order to stabilize your body and help you move about. Your back primarily is the one that carries most of your weight and all your movements every single day. It is therefore not a surprise that many people suffer from an assortment of back-related issues. Some of these can be corrected easily such as bad posture, nutritional problems and repetitive movements while others will require spinal rehabilitation such as herniated discs and pinched nerves.
Let our experienced chiropractors here at East Bank Wellness help correct these spine issues for you through our comprehensive spinal rehabilitation program. If you suffer from chronic pain of the neck and back, the source of the problem may rest within the twenty-four vertebrae of your spine. Most of the time, patients initially seek medical intervention through the use of pain medications to help control the pain and its associated symptoms. Sadly, this only treats the problem temporarily as the drugs only control the symptoms but never the source of the problem. The end result is more and more pain episodes that can affect the quality of life of the patient. Moreover, medications such as narcotics are highly addictive and if surgery is the last resort, there is still a chance that it might not work.

Spinal rehabilitation makes use of chiropractic adjustments via a non-invasive and drug-free approach in order to relieve the pain as well as fixing the source of the problem in the process. Through spinal manipulation we can restore the correct alignment of your spine, gain better posture, relieve you of the suffering and restore lost flexibility and range of motion. Ultimately, with East Bank Wellness’ spinal rehabilitation program, you will eventually begin to live again.

Who Needs Spinal Rehabilitation?

To know who can benefit the most from our spinal rehabilitation program let us first take a look at the two categories of spinal injury, acute and rehabilitative. In the former, the patient may need surgery to repair the damage to the spine, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerve connections. Once this phase is done, the patient will require a significant amount of time to effect gradual healing and spinal rehabilitation to achieve the best healing possible. The body’s natural ability to restore its normal functioning will depend on the severity and location of the spinal injury. Here at East Bank Wellness we specialize in spinal rehabilitation treatment modalities that create marked improvement for many cases.

Evaluating Your Spinal Rehabilitation Needs

Our spinal rehabilitation program starts with a complete and thorough evaluation of your current condition from which an excellent therapy plan will be recommended for the purpose of optimizing your physical ability. One of the first objectives of care is to offer sufficient movement to achieve independent living and, in a lot of cases, a return to work. Another goal would focus on managing physical discomfort, and this can be achieved through the use of an array of spinal rehabilitation methods. We want to improve your movement and strength so you are able to return to a normal life, participating as fully as possible.

Is Spinal Rehabilitation Safe?

Spinal rehabilitation consists of a number of tried and tested methods that are proven to be completely safe. One of the main components of spinal rehabilitation calls for chiropractic adjustments, performed by our certified chiropractors. You may have seen or heard about the popping sounds that occur when someone you know visits a chiropractor. These noises are no cause for concern as they occur when we put you in different positions and apply a gentle enough force to move your back into correct spinal alignment. A lot of people might worry that the popping noises are a cause for concern. To put it simply, your bones pop and creak every time you stretch but you do not always necessarily hear it all the time. Spinal rehabilitation with its focus on spinal adjustments is a completely safe procedure especially if you receive it from a competent, trained and licensed chiropractor.

As a matter of fact our spinal rehabilitation methods feature a far lower rate of associated risk compared to other basic medical procedures. On top of that, you also free yourself from worry that you might get addicted similar to how you can be if you use narcotic medication on a regular basis. During the course of your appointment with us we shall endeavor to put your spine back to its correct alignment. Our East Bank Wellness spinal rehabilitation specialist will apply a tiny amount of concentrated pressure in order to move vertebrae and loosen joints that have become stuck in wrong positions. We shall put you in different positions depending on which direction your back requires to go and then apply the gentle force. You will actually feel the results through instant relief of pain and discomfort with our chiropractic adjustments.

Methods in Spinal Rehabilitation


Each case is unique and as such the type of treatment modality will also differ in order to achieve the maximum benefits. As mentioned above, chiropractic adjustment will be utilized in order to realign your spinal column, minimize strain on your discs that serve to cushion and support the vertebrae, relieve nerve pressure that leads to pain. There will also be rehabilitative exercises and treatments whose objectives are for the functional improvement of your muscles, tendons and ligaments that support the spine. The goal is to improve strength and flexibility. Massage therapy is also used in spinal rehabilitation for the purpose of improving circulation and healing of the injured area.
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