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Whether you are an athlete or merely just someone that is physically active, it is natural that you want to perform the best in what you love to do. You want to train better for the triathlon, compete in the next soccer or tennis game and show up at sporting events with the best form and hopefully enjoy it without pain. If this is something that you want in your life, the sports chiropractic program of East Bank Wellness can be of tremendous assistance to you. Our expert sports chiropractors are certified in treating sports-related injuries. While we are already experts at performing the necessary chiropractic adjustments to your neck and back, we are also especially focused on the prevention of athletic injuries, diagnosis and treatment of current sports-related pain and improving body functionality in order to optimize your training and performance.

Sport-Related Injuries

There are many ways by which you can get a sports injury. Improper warming up, high-impact workouts, direct trauma, and repetitive motions can all be a result. Our sports chiropractic program can help you with a number of different conditions such as:

● Ankle sprains, groin and hamstring strains
● Back pain due to subluxation, herniated discs and fractures
● Neck pain due to severe impact
● Shin splints
● ACL injuries
● Tennis elbow
● Bursitis
● Concussion
● Runner’s knee
● Plantar fasciitis

Preventing Injuries

There is no doubt that as athletes you put a lot of demand on your bodies, especially the joints. Oftentimes joints are the first area that suffers a sports-related injury. Posture problems, muscle imbalance and skeletal misalignments can cause an adverse effect on how good you run, lift weights and swing a golf club. This can result in injuries to your neck, back, elbows, hips and knees and basically anywhere in the body where joints are present. At East Bank Wellness our sports chiropractic program can analyze your body type and posture versus the muscles and movements used in your sport of choice for the purpose of correcting problems that often lead to injuries or those that occur because of incorrect sports techniques. We can alleviate mild pain which is normally a precursor that severe pain is just around the corner. The goal is to prevent severe damage that may potentially take you off the game permanently.

Diagnosis and Rehabilitation of Your Sports Injury

Most of the time, when an athlete suffers an injury they notice that there were signs that this might already happen. For instance, mild pain that increases with activity or a lingering soreness well after the sporting activity is done. As professionals in sports chiropractic care we can accurately diagnose sports injuries and create a customized treatment plan that involves among other things rehabilitation therapy, cold therapy, manual manipulation, stretching and strengthening routines in order to assist athletes to recover faster and return to their favorite sport sooner. We can help ensure that your body will have regained its full mobility back with no stiffness so that you can increase the chances of performing at your peak potential. We will also give you the necessary nutritional information for this to be achievable.

Improved Performance and Training

By focusing efforts on the improvement of overall body functioning and increasing the range of motion, tone and muscle strength our sports chiropractic program can help athletes optimize and enhance their performance. Whether you want to run faster, swim harder, jump higher or play longer we can analyze your training-to-results numbers to find out which factors might be preventing you from achieving your objectives. Examples are: incorrect warm-up methods, nutritional problems, sleep issues, overtraining and many more. Regardless of your age or level of experience, our sports chiropractic care program can assist you in ensuring you are injury-free while also boosting your level of performance. If you have already suffered an injury, we can definitely help you get back to your chosen sport, quicker, stronger and most of all more safely than ever before. We do not rush the sports chiropractic rehabilitation program as we know the probability of a relapse or re-injury is higher each week that you return too quickly. We want you back at the sport when we are convinced that it is safe for you to be back.

​​​​​​​Our Sports Chiropractic Treatment Program Includes:

● Spinal Adjustments
● Sports Physical Therapy
Graston Therapy
Spinal Decompression
● Nutritional Counseling
● Rehabilitation and Exercise Routines

Our sports chiropractic care program consists of a variety of non-invasive techniques to get rid of pain and provide you with relief so you can go back to practicing your favorite sport. We can manage your pain without the use of medication and can provide you with an alternative to surgery. Our chiropractic adjustments are designed to help realign vertebrae and relieve pain caused by sports injuries. Spinal decompression can assist in improving your range of motion and provide you with a non-surgical means for treated herniated discs. Our massage therapy is excellent at relieving tired, sore and stiff muscles, improving blood circulation and providing prompt pain relief. The physical therapy program can help you get full mobility and let you return to your sport at your best strength.

As an athlete you know how a sports-related injury can affect your training, performance and even current and future participation in your chosen passion. If you have suffered from a sports-related injury that persists even after some rest, you need to seek sports chiropractic care immediately to treat and prevent complications. Call or visit East Bank Wellness today.

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