Sports Injuries Specialist

The doctors at East Bank Chiropractic serve the residents of downtown Chicago, IL, as well as the surrounding cities and towns. They specialize in treating sports-related injuries using Active Release Techniques, LED light therapy and the FAKTR Technique just to name a few.

Sports Injuries

What Is Active Release?

Active Release Technique, or “ART,” is a type of muscle therapy that uses specific movements to help loosen and relax tightened, overused muscles. More than 500 unique movements are used to evaluate and treat muscles, tendons, and ligaments when a person begins to experience discomfort. Much like deep tissue massage, Active Release Technique manipulates the soft tissues of the body, releasing stress and tension that come from excessive use, prolonged stress or strain. The technique stimulates fresh blood flow to the area, while at the same time breaking up blockages and releasing toxins and by-products that can build up within tightened, overworked muscles.

How Does LED Light Therapy Help With Sports-Related Injuries?

LED light therapy uses light waves that are extremely close to the infrared waves used in other types of treatment. LED light waves are slightly different from other types of light waves and can actually work on the muscle tissues to elicit a healing response. This type of light therapy is non-invasive and offers long-term benefits to athletes who have suffered a sports-related injury. The red light’s short wavelengths allow it to penetrate deeply into the skin. The light then stimulates the cells and allows them to create enough energy to speed up the healing process through renewed tissue regeneration.

What Is the FAKTR Technique?

The FAKTR Technique involves the use of specially crafted, stainless steel instruments to manually manipulate soft tissues in the body. This technique is often used to address specific problems associated with chronic inflammation and fibrosis within the soft tissues of the body. It is used in conjunction with various types of therapeutic exercise. Doctors use it to address restrictions associated with the fascia, excessive amounts of scar tissue, and problems with range of motion and flexibility. The use of the steel instruments, combined with the appropriate exercise, helps to find the cause of the pain, address the issue, and then move forward to bring about renewed healing and muscle growth.

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