Sports Rehabilitation

Sports Rehabilitation Experts

Any kind of sports injury can be a major setback to your athletic goals or simply hinder the enjoyment of your lifestyle. This is true whether it’s training for a long distance marathon, prepping your body for an athletic scholarship or playing a round of golf on the weekend with your friends. You can’t change what happened but with sports rehabilitation you can spend less time injured. East Bank Wellness is a full service sports rehabilitation clinic that caters to individuals and athletes for treatment and rehabilitation of their sports-related injuries. We also guide athletes of all levels to remain healthy and strong as they come back to their respective sports. Our ultimate objective for anyone requiring sports rehabilitation treatment is to quickly and safely get them back to playing as soon as possible.

Anyone who is involved in any kind of sporting activity has probably experienced some form of sports injury ranging from something uncomplicated as strains and sprains to serious ones like muscle and ligament tears and fractures. No matter what the sport, hours of training can result in wear and tear causing injury and pain. On top of that, sporting injuries can leave people sidelined for prolonged periods waiting for the injury to go away. Our sports rehabilitation program here at East Bank Wellness can assist you in active healing thereby reducing recovery periods and the possibility of recurrence of injuries.

Chiropractic Care in Sports Rehabilitation

At East Bank Wellness our licensed chiropractors specialize in sports rehabilitation and treat body alignment problems caused by sports injuries. We regularly perform manual adjustments on the patient’s spine in order to ensure, among other things, correct movement and optimum mobility to perform the necessary movements in their respective sporting activities. Correctly aligned and balanced bodies allows muscles, ligaments and tendons to work in unison as opposed to against one another in the performance of physical movements. Through the identification and correction of body alignment problems, your body regains its equilibrium to heal faster and perform better.

There are times when we still participate in sporting activities even when we feel sore or mildly injured. We push our bodies to the limits of physical performance. We will change the way we walk, grip or other physical movements to let ourselves continue to participate in our favorite sports. However, this creates a lot of problems because it prevents the original injury from healing correctly and can create or worsen others in another part of the body. Through our sports rehabilitation program at East Bank Wellness we can identify the causes of pain and inflammation that lead to the reduced range of motion and pain symptoms. By performing a detailed assessment of the body alignment followed by gentle chiropractic adjustments we can restore the neck and spine back to its correct form. This automatically relieves pain and releases undue pressure on the nerves that cause the discomfort.

While resting the injured area is generally recommended for any sporting injury, it is often not enough to achieve complete recovery especially if there is recurrent or chronic pain. By inclusion of chiropractic care in the sports rehabilitation program we let you become proactive with the process of healing and allow you to resume your normal activities in the quickest possible time.

At East Bank Wellness you can reap the benefits of our sports rehabilitation program with our customized treatment methods designed to help facilitate faster healing and recovery. Aside from sports injuries we also treat work and vehicular accidents as these traumatic events also require the same techniques we utilize in order to get athletes back on the sport in order to help accident patients recover faster. Even if you are not an athlete or a victim of a traumatic accident our doors are open for you. Trust us to help you get back into good health and wellness free from pain and dependence on prescription medication. Call or visit us today to learn more.

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