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September, 2015 (Vol. 09, Issue 20)
Chiropractic Is Good for Your Heart

High blood pressure is a risk factor for heart disease and stroke – two of the major causes of death. Aerobic exercise, a healthy diet and not smoking are three natural ways to lower high BP, but unfortunately, too many people turn to medication instead. What about chiropractic care? A recent study serves as the latest evidence that chiropractic adjustments may improve blood pressure in the short term.

Eat to Live

Load Up on the Foods That Fight Cancer

Hitting the Open Road

Know the Four R's of Running

Get Limber

Stretching the Wrong Way? Try the Right Way

Healthy Mother, Healthy Baby

What to Know Before Pregnancy

Calling All Mathletes: Get an "A" in Exercise

We should all encourage children to participate in daily physical activity because of the profound anti-aging, disease-preventing benefits exercise provides, but there's another reason, according to recent research: being fit can make you a better student, particularly when it comes to math.

Time to Escape the
Ergonomic Danger Zone

More than 90 percent of all office workers use computers, but whether or not they use them correctly is debatable. In fact, they may not be using their office desks, chairs and keyboards correctly, either, which could lead to all sorts of health issues. Here's how to avoid the ergonomic danger zone.

Drop the Diet Drinks to Help Drop the Pounds

You're trying to drop a few pounds (or more), so soda and other sugar-sweetened drinks are a no-no. But what about the diet variety? After all, it says "diet" right in the name. Actually, evidence suggests diet sodas and other "diet" beverages can derail your weight-loss plans.

Healthy Eating (When Eating Out)

Choosing a restaurant while maintaining a healthy diet is always challenging. Here's how to eat healthy when eating out.

When Medication Hurts

According to the CDC, one in three older people suffers a fall every year. Believe it or not, certain medications may be to blame.

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