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July, 2015 (Vol. 09, Issue 15)
Give Yourself a Natural Energy Boost

Energy can be a tricky thing – some days you have it, some days you don't. Countless factors can affect your energy levels throughout the day, week to week and even longer term. Fortunately, in the absence of an underlying health condition, there are simple strategies to ensure you've got energy when you need it – which in general, means all the time.

Every Bite Counts: Protein and Weight Loss

What's the Connection?

Technology Overload

Your Body Is Sending You a Message

Fitness Made (Not So Easy)

3 Common Excuses for Not Exercising

Vitamin Central

Control Your Diabetes With the Power of Vitamin D

7 Ways to Reduce
Your Cancer Risk

A healthy lifestyle is important not only for reducing your cancer risk, but also for protecting against numerous other life-robbing conditions. So, how many of these seven anti-cancer behaviors are a part of your regular routine? If the answer is less than seven, you're not doing enough.

Not Worth Dying For: New NSAID Warning

The most common pain relievers are called NSAIDs, many of which you can find in over-the-counter form at your local pharmacy or grocery store: Motrin, Aleve, Advil, products containing aspirin, etc. But are the potential dangers worth it? The FDA's latest warning is an eye-opener.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits: As Important as Genes?

There's a long-standing debate about whether genetics are more important than the environment in our overall health. We know the two are deeply interwoven, but now we're on the brink of discovering how much DNA affects our health – and how much lifestyle affects our DNA.

Health for the Ages

It's high time to ditch the fast food and embrace a tradition of healthier fare – starting with an ancient grain called quinoa.

When Gain Means Pain

The health risks associated with obesity are trouble enough; a recent study suggests extra weight also causes major pain.

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